Reset Your Life

Life coming in the way of your dreams? Not a problem! Introducing… the tried-and-tested formula of fulfilment and success, regardless of your circumstances. 

The M-C-A Formula

Mindset, Clarity, and Action – together can help you not just break the shackles of your poor undeserving life, but also achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. 

Now, it’s not the first time someone is telling you to change your mindset, or be clear on your goals or act and get things done.

But for the first time, Anil Bhasin – Ex-president of Havells, India – now a transformational business leader brings you a practical formula that combines these three concepts and helps you find the success (with contentment) you crave for.

In The M-C-A Formula, he reveals the truth about why today’s youth aren’t able to achieve respectable, fulfilling success and how anyone – no matter what the life situation – can find that glory.

In this book, you can discover how to:
  • Be grateful,
  • Become your own hero with the achiever’s attitude,
  • Build your destiny with the 4D Formula,
  • Rise above obstacles in life,
  • Find your purpose,
  • Learn from failure,
  • And thrive throughout your journey towards success with some bonus lifestyle habits and models that can change your life.

Want to know about the author?

Anil Bhasin is best known for his work as a motivational speaker and business consultant. His practical and uplifting approach of coaching carries over in The M-C-A Formula with several life stories for you to understand the concepts better.

The M-C-A Formula is an undeniable read for anyone who is ready to discover the life of their dreams!

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