“The moment you put a deadline on your dreams, it becomes a goal”.

Throughout our life, we keep coming around to new aspirations and converting them into new dreams. However, in this process, only a few of us are able to find our potential and begin to nurture it as our primary focus and goal.

To comprehend better, you should know that a goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envision, plan and commit to achieving. 

When we talk about setting goals, we often don’t mention the importance it holds. Setting a goal doesn’t just mean working towards a particular dream in order to accomplish it. But it also deeply puts emphasis on our personal growth in terms of our secure mental health and also a positive outlook on things.

If we put a beaming light onto the world that we live in today, we are met with many people on an everyday basis, however, every person is working towards a particular goal of their own which in some way or the other affects the way they act in situations. To simplify that, I mean to say that setting a goal brings focus for the long term and also for the short term.

To decipher that thoroughly, let’s know why setting a goal is important?

Setting a goal in your life should be taken precedence as having a purpose to work for prevents us from any situation wherein we are not aligned with our desires. In today’s world which is fast-forwarding with rewarding opportunities and getting more complex each day, having a goal can put us on the big picture and lend us various diversifying spectrums to choose from.

There are many more benefits of setting goals that keep surfacing themselves every now and then. Some of them are as follows- 

1- Goals are potential teachers–  As our teachers guide us throughout our process of learning, setting a goal works exactly that. 

It gives us optimism that we do have the capability to acquire our desired visions. It aligns us with our future and gives us a direction and path to work upon.  Having a goal sets you free from any doubt and eradicates the chances of wasting time and effort. 

2- Goals keep you stable- having a goal is also necessary as it puts you away from any distractions that might happen. We are prone to be affected by little things when we are not directed by our goals. Goals keep us away from such distractions keeping our life on a stable track.  Your goals should work as your blinders wherein there is no chance of going astray. 

3-  Goals give you charge-  Once you introduce goals into your life, it gives you the responsibility of working towards them and accomplishing them as soon as possible without delaying the process. It puts us in charge of our lives, and when that happens, we tend to put in our best efforts in order to fulfill that desired goal. 

4- Chances of betterment– having goals gives us various chances for betterment. goals give the wholesome precedence to your growth which leads you to become the person you aspire to become. Your goal setting can serve as milestones and benchmarks that help you determine how well you’re progressing towards your most chosen goals and also helps in discarding unnecessary habits that don’t contribute to them.

Setting goals and having a clear vision to accomplish them prevents you from disrupting the process and organically enjoying the process. It gives you a higher drive and focuses on life with a new zeal to work more effortlessly in every aspect of your life. 

Furthermore, we shouldn’t refrain from accepting that many people find it extremely difficult when it comes to setting their respective goals, they tend to make errors as not setting and finding goals has always been a rollercoaster ride to put yourself on, and often is a risky subject to take up. However, let me put it exhaustively that setting goals aren’t that full of hurdles if you follow a few steps and know every little thing in detail.

Here are a few things that you can follow which can help you set goals effectively and efficiently- 

1- Decide– Think of something you want to do and what should be your focus point. You need to idealize something that you’re interested in as your interest will only help you to flourish in that work area.  It can be a big thing or a small thing – sometimes it is easier to get going with something small. The only thing you need to realize is that progress is important here, making less progress is better than not making any.

2- Journaling– Journalise and write down your goals. Make sure you go through them every day and modify them concerning your requirements. Writing down also helps in focusing on your growth.  While writing your goals, you need to keep a check on what you write. Emphasize what you want and not what you don’t want. 

3- Simplify your goals– You need to simplify your goals and not undermine small goals. Prepare yourself in such a way that you are given the opportunity to work upon small goals with the same precedence as on big goals. It gives you optimism and proper upliftment to focus on further desired goals. 

4- Be realistic– When it comes to talking about goals, you need to aim for realistic goals and not focus on what others are doing, you need to honestly gather your thoughts on what meets the true requirements and is not just a vision that we aspire out of nowhere, remember, goals need to be attainable and not just a construct. 

5- Assess your goals- You need to assess how long you have come and celebrate accordingly.  You need to go back to your goals and assess if they align with your goals or not. Make goals that are relevant and reasonable. 

Final words- 

Setting goals takes work and should be done efficiently. You need to be particular and know what your desire in the future.  Goals should have a prominent place in your life as they have the tendency to give you enlightenment and hopefulness all throughout your life.