Today, I will commence writing on this topic by bringing forth a simple obligation for you to think about, for you to comprehend how and why you need to sit back and start working on yourself again, start putting keen attention to why and what makes you feel a certain way?

Think why getting up from bed feels like a burden, why a simple task like opening your laptop and getting back to work feels like a hurdle to pass, why silence feels like home and home feels distorted.

Have you ever curled up in bed and thought of the ways you can be happy because for you it’s just a concept and not the end result to get a hold on?

Visualize yourself in a situation where you have always wanted yourself to be but somehow, something has always made your goal obscure, unattainable even when you are putting in the best hard work that you can.

If you resonate with even a single issue I happen to mention, you will be glad to know that here, we are going to elucidate all about the insights and the key area of the spectrum you need to have a grasp upon to build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Rediscover, yes, you heard that right, a human mind is a complex place that fluently needs to be cleaned and dusted off in order to keep up with the necessities of a soul and workings of a body. When an individual in some way or the other tries to disrupt this basic process, it shows in the way you act to certain emotions which further leads you to be in the utmost state of denial.

Now, to put this across in a more exhaustive way, rediscovering oneself over the past few years has become a paramount necessity to work upon considering the pandemic has had made various indefinite changes in an individual’s life.  Not just pandemic, but rediscovering is a concept that needs to be introduced in every individual’s life keeping in mind the various values it can render to you. It helps you to have a clear picture of your goals and ultimately reach them by the rigorous composition of a few core values. 

 Furthermore, there are various points you can put a close emphasis on to understand yourself better. Remember the key to rediscovering is to always start from the beginning by aligning your actions with the help of constantly reflecting upon the experiences you have had in your life.

To project a whole new level of comprehension and to keep you away from any apprehension that might be seeking a place in your mind, let me graciously put this in a more crystal clear manner.

Some of a few crucial points we will be known to in the further paragraphs are-

  1. Acceptance of past trauma

Being human, we are extremely prone and exposed to heartaches, whether it’s childhood negligence, parental complications, or heartbreak, it demands courage out of us to finally come to terms with the hurt that we have received in our lives. This often becomes a prominent reason and acts as a root cause as to why an individual ends up being in a complete state of grief because unsaid feelings usually cultivate themselves in the form of agitation. The first thing we can do to get rid of such enormous feelings is to sit back and reveal to ourselves that the past has happened, you need to accept it and consciously keep telling yourself that nothing could be controlled, it has taken place, and now needs to become in terms with as suppressed feelings might lead to a depressing present and vague future. Keep a notepad and start writing what makes you feel a certain way. To sum it up, you need to let go. Let it all go. 

  1. Removing toxicity and cutting off people

This is a place where most people lack. Cutting off people has always been the major point we refrain away from considering the fact we choose toxicity over the peace that usually leads us to be around people who don’t match the set of values we possess. The most basic fact that you need to understand here is that the more you will be around the people who don’t uplift you and your work will eventually lead you towards the road of insecurities and that my friend will be a hindrance on the path of finding yourself.  Start letting your peers know what you stand by, what stresses you out, and what triggers you, start vocalizing your needs. 

  1. Denying what you don’t believe in

One of the most important things you need to do in this journey of self-discovery is to know that your single uttered NO cannot be a reason why you are a bad person. You can be a good person and still choose to walk away from the thing you don’t believe in, you still can deny things you don’t resonate with. Availability at all the hours that are unusual to you can create unnecessary hurdles which you absolutely don’t need to be a part of. Your personal growth should be your utmost precedence. 

  1. Journaling

Another crucial point is to start focusing more on writing it out on a paper, journalize your whole day, begin putting memories to look back on, this can help you in alleviating your mood on days you don’t feel well. Reflect on what you have been feeling and what contributes to you feeling a certain way. Picture yourself in the most gracious way possible and start working towards getting there. It can be a great start to your self-discovery.

  1. Know your personal power/strength

 Oftentimes, we don’t really have the time to know ourselves better because we are so engrossed in our daily working schedules. This creates an unattainable bridge that prevents us from knowing ourselves better. In such outcomes, all you need to do is work on what makes us happy. Draw, play football, watch our favorite TV shows. The crux is to understand yourself better, what your values stem from, what brings you joy, and always put at least half an hour towards accomplishing them. It’s a long road, small steps can make a massive difference. 

  1. Build a coping mechanism 

Last, but maybe the foremost focus you need to have is to build or construct a coping mechanism for everything that happens in your life, know that anything that takes place is there to render learning to you, it might come in some inexplicable forms but eventually it molds itself according to the way you act towards them. Don’t rely on happiness, just enjoy its time being, don’t contradict fears and failures because they might lend you a source of knowledge that could never be seen if they hadn’t happened. It’s basic. Be open to everything, be welcoming to any hassle that might reach you because eventually and ultimately, you need to keep moving on.

Final Words

Now, to put my words to a halt, I would like to subject you to a simple yet thoughtful question that I need you to ponder your thoughts upon. Do you really think you have in a wholesome way discovered yourself? Do you feel anticipated when someone talks about life? What are the points you as a reader would like to work upon?

Remember, it’s your journey, you have to lead and live it the way aspire to.