During the course of our life, we often talk about the values that we stand for, we usually come to terms with the materialistic things we wish to acquire in our lives. However, little do we know that life has a greater purpose than that. We as sole individuals need to find the purpose for our living, something that drives us to wake up in the morning, something that we desire at nights and even in between our hectic schedules.

The main crux is to find such a purpose which helps you live in such a way that is more integral to your inner self and the core values that you recognise yourself with.

Furthermore, if we are given the liberty to talk more exhaustively about it, then we can fluently know that purpose keeps us away from any type of hurdle that life puts us through when we are not clear and specific about our expectations. However, when we do have the ample amount of knowledge about what we want our life to stand for, we eventually prevent any further hindrance from being created in between the process of living a healthy lifestyle.

To commence more deeply in the further parts, I would like to begin by mentioning a few points we are likely to be exposed to once we choose to find a purpose in our lives-

  1. Keeps you focused and true to yourself

Once you know the values your stand for, what you would want to manifest in the near future and how that is supposed to happen, you become more focused and start to see your inner self in a more analysing way which eventually helps an individual to build an alleviated level of lifestyle during the course of their life.

  1. It fills you with gratitude

A person who has been able to find a purpose in their lives seems to have more gratitude towards life rather than the ones who aren’t on the same journey, the main reason why this surfaces is that the people who choose to have a purpose were able to put themselves in comparison with their aspirations and the end result whereas the latter don’t have any solid base to rely upon which often has ended being the reason for not feeling grateful for the things life blesses an individual with.

  1. It builds internalised peace

People who have a purpose, reportedly shown higher levels of serendipity and calmness as compared to the other individuals. It also evidently makes a person open to trusting people and helps in vocalising their active thoughts which eventually has contributed towards their high levels of happiness.

  1. It enables a value- based life

Life has no meaning when you are just living it as a means to sustain and not as the chance to live to the fullest everyday with a great value system. Having a set of great values enables and pushes a person to derive best results through their constant hard work.  Existence of a few core values helps us in becoming a greater version of ourselves and helps us in connecting with the people who have the same value systems which further contributes towards our growth.

  1. It makes your life less of a burden

Usually, because of an unsorted life, a person happens to take life as a burden gradually which leads to disruption in enjoyment. People tend to forget that life should be lived and having a purpose exposes a person to that necessary human emotion.

  1. It gives a flow to your life

People who have found a purpose in their life, seem to have a maintained flow in their life.  They don’t try to disrupt any process, they go with the flow and let things come and leave at the time they are meant to be. To be more precise, they work from their conscience.

After getting to know all these points, we can comprehend that there are various benefits we can have when we succeed in finding a prominent purpose in our lives. Now a question must be arising and already finding its ground on your conscience must be of how finding a purpose can lead you to have a nice life? Is it only on a professional level or does it work personally too?

Finding a purpose not only helps in prospering in the professional aspect of your life but it also makes your life more stable by lending your various benefits in your personal aspect of life too.

How? Let’s take a peek.

Finding a purpose in your life keeps an individual stable, further which helps in keeping personal relationships away from any sort of toxicity and helps in cultivating deeper and more meaningful relationships. A chaotic mind creates non-safe places for you to be in, and further contributes towards being around people who don’t feed your value system and don’t do anything for uplifting you as a person. However, when you have a clear vision on the purpose, you attract people with the same vision or those who value it.  Oftentimes, we find it confusing and choose to not venture this side of the spectrum and keep on eradicating the very fact that yes, people we choose do play a vital role in us accomplishing various things even if it’s not that major.  A purpose sways itself away from you every time you choose to be around people who degrade you for living your life on your own chosen terms and value system.

Hence, making it extremely crucial for us to find the company of people who are likely driven and responsible to reach their set goals.

I hope now you know why it’s extremely essential to be in terms with the purpose of your life and keep on digging to comprehend what is the purpose of being you in this lifetime. As youngsters, usually the complication that arises during our growing years is the very fact that we choose sustainability over stability which keeps us on verges in later years of our lives.

However, if we put the lives of a few very successful people under the beaming light, we would be able to see how remarkably they chose to have a purpose and eventually excelled in their desired fields.

Having a purpose doesn’t necessarily mean you have to refrain from living your life to the fullest but it simply means you need to filter out what you are around in order to acquire what you simply see yourself in the future.

Remember your peer group shouldn’t have the liberty to make you opt for a purpose that doesn’t resonate with what you stand for, choose what you would be able to see yourself striving and working for in the coming years. Choose a purpose that keeps you highly driven to accomplish it throughout your life.


At the very end of this article, I would like to project a great halt to my words by making it clear that it’s not an overnight thing that can be accomplished within a few days.it’s a process that might take time. You need to thoroughly and vigorously put yourself to analysis and comprehend what are the values that you would wish to have? Why? How can they match your current life track? How do you wish to fit them into you?

These are a few questions you need to ponder your deep thoughts and time upon. But firstly sit back and think what is your purpose, what do you stand for.