The most common question that most of us are likely to hear when we commence towards making a successful career is the necessity to have effective communication. 

Why is it essential? How can someone gain it? Why do people seek it? 

Most of the time, in our lives we do come across how crucial it is to be a good and effective speaker. 

We need to accept the fact that communication and effective communication is the need of the hour and we cannot sideline the very fact that having this skill renders us so many better opportunities for the future. 

We come from an era where the working sector, whether various IT firms or various top level organisations, are only looking for people who are trained with this very skill as every prominent sector has become very advanced and competitive wherein people who don’t know how to communicate effectively are not likely to sustain. 

Now, coming to the crux of this article, let’s decipher what actually is effective communication? It is the ability of an individual to communicate in such an elaborative way that it is easy to adapt to the knowledge and information it renders.  In a few other words, it is your efficiency in the way you can converse through your words. 

Being an effective communicator is very crucial as it helps you in making a mark in the room full of people. In today’s world that keeps evolving rapidly, a communicator is required in almost every field as better communication is the need of almost every industry. 

For every professional, it’s imperative to put effort into improving their communication skills. This will help them to perform better at the job and advance in their career.

The skill of being an effective communicator is the most crucial skill you need to take care of as it helps an individual in ensuring that the message they want to convey is reaching to the listener with an inclusion of all the emotions they want to showcase. It’s a deep connection of words and your feelings which make it easy to resonate with a large group of people. 

If you are a teenager, take smaller steps, make sure you communicate and don’t shy away from vocalising what you feel like.  An effective communication begins when you don’t restrain yourself from speaking your thoughts out loud. Make sure your voice is heard, always have confidence in what you speak, because the moment you are confident of what you are delivering, you are likely to deliver only the best. 

Now, let’s pay keen attention to a few main skills we need to have to be able to be an effective communicator.

  1. Listen actively

The first step towards getting started in vocalising your thoughts is to first be an effective listener, a good communicator is also an active listener. There are a number of key listening skills that can help us to become better listeners, including active listening, non-verbal responsiveness, and empathy. By focusing on these, we can deepen our understanding of what other people are experiencing and communicate with them more effectively on both a personal and professional level. 

Sometimes, you need to emphasise only on listening and not talking because most of the time, a person goes through a lot of emotions and they only require someone who can only actively contribute in deciphering their emotions without any necessity to speak up.

This helps in understanding various levels of emotions and then catering to the needs and wants of such people through effective and good communication, 

  1. Body language

Another important element and factor is body language. Many people struggle with acquiring this because they don’t feel comfortable around the environment they are in. only words don’t matter, the way you put across your whole body play an integral role in how your words would be taken and considered. An element that plays a crucial role in communication is eye contact. It is important to maintain eye contact with the individual whom you are communicating with in order to let them know you are listening to them and are interested in what they have to say.

Just know communication is not restricted, it flows all throughout the body to attain a grasp on another person’s level of communication, so be active if you are looking to be an effective communicator. 

  1. Be Clear

Don’t spend too much time setting up your idea or request. Communicate your needs and desires clearly. Be crystal clear about what you are here to talk about and don’t go astray from the actual topic. It makes the audience uneasy and very less likable towards you as a communicator because they only want you to come to a point and not exaggerate without any necessity. 

  1. Identify your prime objective

Understand what you want to accomplish, keep a note on how you would like to carry on things. What makes you do that? You need to have a clear conscience and depict what is the need for you to communicate. Understanding your objectives will help shape your communication style and make you more effective. 

  1. Build a pace

While speaking, you need to construct a pace and  decipher that speaking too fast and too slow will not sit well with the audience and they won’t be able to build a connection with you. To prevent that, make sure you communicate in such a way wherein you have control over the way you are presenting yourself to them, double check your voice, tone. Modify and tweak your language a little bit to be able to connect to every kind of age group that must be there to listen to you. adjusting how and what you say to match your audience will improve your communication skills. 

Here, also understand that being able to communicate effectively takes time, there might be failures on the road but you need to be prepared for them and keep learning from the mistakes that you make. 

I hope this article helps you in having a better comprehension of the concept and answers all your doubts and queries.  Happy reading !!!