Never let success go to your head, and failure gets to your heart” – Anonymous.

In every aspect of our life, the only thing that we are taught to put emphasis onto the fact that success needs to be gained at any cost. This often becomes the reason why people seem to be disheartened and lose their compassion once they come around to failure. They start lacking the zeal to continue and accomplish their goals as failure is usually considered a hindrance and not a source of learning.

If the fact is to be accepted and brought to the beaming light, we need to decipher the crucial importance failure has over success. In other words, we can proficiently say that failure and success mirror each other.  Success tastes better once it has the fragrance of failure.

Failure shouldn’t at any cost be considered any less than success as it has its advantages throughout the course of your life.

To continue more exhaustively, I need to keep moving further and acclimate you to a few benefits failure brings across in our life.

  1. Brings learning- No amount of success would be able to teach you important life lessons that usually only failure is capable of rendering you. A stepping stone makes you understand the true value of effort and time.
  1. Makes you value your goals– failure makes you more serious about your goals and gives you appropriate time on what needs to be analyzed again in order to be able to reach your desired result. It eradicates the possibility of the monotonous nature of learning and breaks the myth that usually an individual creates while the process is to only keep up with success and never change the schedules.
  1. Keeps you grounded- only failure has the capability to keep you grounded and connected to your matter how successful a person is, the only thing that might have taught them is how to maintain their humble nature throughout their life.  The world is cruel enough and success has the highest possibility to drive us astray.  Failure can be taken as prevention.
  1. Makes you stronger– failure gives you the inbuilt habit of keeping yourself gathered even in the worst of situations and renders you the ability to be stronger and work more rigorously towards your goals.

Stepping a step further, let’s now understand a few more intricate sections of the article to have a more spectrum of knowledge.

How are failure and success interconnected?

Failure and success are interconnected to each other in numerous ways. For example, let’s take an example of a businessman, who is very eager to start his own retail business. His efforts are doomed to fail in the beginning as he needs to gather the correct set of information and get in contact with various people who can finance his business. He needs to invest in campaigns so that the audience can be attracted to buy from him.

As we see this example, we can see that there is a probability of losing and failure. However, still, the budding businessman would continue to venture into the option of starting his business as it’s what he aspires to. No matter how hard success seems, we tend to be always driven by it, sidelining the fact that success is in most cases, accompanied by failure. Speaking about it more freely, failure is a core value we need to imbibe in our lives and not take it as a hurdle that needs to be crossed.

Take it as an opportunity to diversify your intellect. We often term failure as the only option meant to keep you on verges and is an end to our visions. This statement is absolutely untrue. I would like to take this liberty and bring this to the public domain that failure is the only thing that gives you a wide range of prospects. It gives you an option to ponder your deepest thoughts on what you actually want to pursue in terms of career and also in terms of relationships too.

I see you contemplating the thought of relationships. Am I right? Let me make it crystal clear for you.

Relationships and the importance of failure-

The human mind is trained and functions in such a way that makes us unacceptable to failing relationships. We usually are known for the failure of our careers however, the failure in relationships is something we find shattering.

Although, I am not declining the fact that yes, it is excruciating to see some of the crucial relationships of our life falling apart but do we ever sit and think about the repercussions and aftermath this type of failure brings into our lives?  Let’s get in.

Before commencing further, we need to know that relationships of any kind may have a course of time after which they are doomed to cause failure. But here, I would like to give the wholesome precedence to know how this type of failure eventually gives rise to success that is inevitable.

Keep an eye on the below-mentioned points.

  1. Removes toxicity– we shouldn’t shy away from accepting the very fact that relationships that fail have the major possibility of being toxic. We hold onto toxicity as much as we can as opting out of it seems a hard decision for many of us. Such relationships, when they end, give you an ample amount of time to deliberately make decisions once you are healed to start a new relationship. This time, you have the learning which acts as a personal success.
  1. Gives you options– once a relationship ends, you are given the time to focus on yourself and analyze the points which went wrong. So by the time you are healed, you come across a wide range of options, and this time, you opt for a relationship that matches your values. Which is inevitably a success.


At the end of this article, I would like to halt my words by putting this in front of the viewer’s keen eyes that take failure as a direct reflection of your potential. Success is definite, however, when it comes to failure, it has various horizons which help us in self-reflecting the major issues that might have taken place which contributed to delaying success. Pay attention to the fact that both success and failures have varied teaching to offer you, you just need to be able to acknowledge that, period.